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I believe with all of my heart that we are right on the brink of seeing the magnificent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also believe that it is our biggest priority in these final days to not only prepare ourselves and our families, but to be aware of the condition of our generation that is currently calling out as never before for the only thing that can satisfy their hungering souls, a personal relationship with Jesus.

scott_mendes_and_eddie_long_1My life’s journey in discovering this powerful truth has been as wild as some of the most dangerous beasts I’ve conquered around the world in the arenas I’ve competed in. But one thing is for sure, as each one of us allows God the opportunity to use our lives; we will be transformed into new creations with a new purpose.

I have been so very blessed, not only with my beautiful wife and family, but also with becoming a world champion bull rider. I know that God blessed me with the desires of my heart as I continue to grow in my relationship with Him.

It is my passion and that of those who work with me to minister the unconditional love of God through encouraging and challenging all of God’s children to daily apply His Word to their lives so that they will be able to conquer the beasts in their own lives.

BroshurI have shared on topics such as:

  • Forsaking all to follow Christ
  • The power of renewing your mind and how to do it
  • Never give up on your dreams
  • Don’t compromise your faith
  • Overcoming a dysfunctional upbringing
  • The heart of a champion
  • From Religion to Relationship
  • Seeing you’re self as God sees you (Self-Esteem)
  • Chasing a golden calf
  • Discovering your gift and fulfilling your destiny
  • Spirit led leadership

Listen to this if you're interested in having me speak at your event, click here!

Western Harvest Ministries is an evangelistic outreach that believes in helping churches and Christ centered groups and organizations in growing and maintaining strong community relationship that will honor our Lord and Savior in developing strong families.

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