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Conquering The Beast

How do we challenge young people to challenge themselves, avoid drugs, stay in school and not give up on their dreams?


Bull riding produces a striking visual analogy of the spiritual struggle that rages in the soul of every person, who by nature has a strong tendency to make wrong choices. The bull rider depicts a spiritual victory of “conquering the beast” in the rodeo arena, prevailing over the ferocious animal that is bucking and contorting beneath him.

Conquering The Beast and Spur’n with Jesus are official outreaches of Western Harvest Ministries, Inc. The first implementations of our vision to take Conquering the Beast (CTB) into a national forum was established through ” The Conquering the Beast Bull Riding Camps.” We have had several years of successful experience in these camps/schools with events featuring professional bull riding, Christian concerts and inspirational speakers with emphasis on issues relevant to today’s youth. It continues to be exciting and challenging for both participants and spectators.

Our purpose is to equip the champions of tomorrow with God’s Word today, thus enabling them to make Godly choices when faced with decisions in the future.


To this end, we have been blessed with a complete rough stock and roping arena that can be used for training camps and Bible schools. It can also be transported for CTB events in other locations.

For up-and-coming rodeo stars of tomorrow, this bull-riding event is a dream come true. Bull riding has recently been labeled “the new extreme sport of the new millennium.” Bull riding has long been the best sell at rodeos large and small across America.

When I was about five years old, my father lifted me onto the back of a calf. He was a rodeo bull rider, like his father before him, who rode in the Cowboys Turtle Association that later came to be known as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. In putting me on that calf, my father was encouraging me to continue what had become a family tradition. His simple act did more than give me a bumpy ride around the barnyard. It launched me on a career that took me, in 1997, to the pinnacle of rodeo fame, the title of World Champion Bull Rider.

That achievement was for many years the goal of my life. It was all I could see, all that I wanted. While it’s good to have such goals, and the will to do what it takes to achieve them, I learned that there are more important things in life.

For me, that meant primarily learning about my relationship with God the Father, to whom I am in debt for planting in me the dreams and visions of someday becoming the World Champion Bull Rider. Through my relationship with Him, I came to appreciate what He did for me in sending His only Son, Jesus, to live a life here on earth as an example of how I was to live my own life. The overwhelming truth God has shown me, though, is the awesome scope of the love He demonstrated for me when Jesus gave His life on a cross-a perfectly innocent man dying for the sins I would commit many years later.


Grasping the mind-boggling significance of this sacrifice challenged me to learn how to live my life in a way that would honor the One who loved me so much. That meant learning to rely no longer on my own strength, and taking credit for my accomplishments, but to depend entirely on His power and wisdom in all things, giving Him the glory for my abilities and achievements.

God has also honored me with the insight to see myself as He sees me. Through His eyes, I have seen the vision of reaching the lost and hurting youth. That is why I believe God has ordained me to establish the Conquering the Beast outreach with it’s bull riding camps for the youth. As I see it, His purpose is to replicate in countless young lives the work He has done in mine. He will give them the opportunity to succeed, through dedication and hard work, in a thrilling and challenging pursuit of their dreams. At the same time, He will be doing the more important things for them: enabling them to “conquer the beast” within and experience the abundant life Christ died to give them.

These events are not just more bull riding. Instead, they are an outreach opportunity toward people in need–no matter where they are in life. Conquering The Beast is a unique approach to recognizing the issues in life that we all face and showing that there is a better way when we learn the importance of disciplining our thought life in accordance with God’s Word.

For more details on hosting a CTB Pro Bull Riding League outreach event in your city or for local church and business partnership information,

please contact (817) 995-9087 or Please click here to contact our office by email

“But in all these things we more than conquer through Him who loved us.”

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