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Conquering the Beast Christian Bull riding League when up and running at fill speed with solid partnership, will be a powerful resource in advancing the Western Harvest Ministries vision. To date we have produced over 25+events around the country, with a few more on the currently being scheduled now. We as a staff have grown with each event and have seen much fruit from our labor. There has never been an event that someone didn’t come up and sincerely say thank you and when and where is your next one. There is no doubt that the extreme world of professional bull riding has demographically sky rocketed in the last couple of years due to the television exposure. In fact, it is second only to NASCAR in popularity. Like any other professional sport, Bull riding is funded mostly by Beer, whiskey ,and tobacco companies, and as you can imagine, many evil things follow those products. On the contrary, we have found that in the same arena you can instill a positive message and offer a healthy family environment as well. We too have plans of televising our events through a Christian network, and we will only align ourselves with investors who see the importance of building a stronger community. The Conquering the Beast events will include a Professional bull riding ( with the riders being members of the Team SWJ ),a Christian Concert (geared towards the youth), and there will also be a Guest Speaker addressing relevant issues like staying in school, developing character, saying no to drugs and alcohol, and not giving up on their dreams.

Your Faithful Partnership have enabled us to provide life changing events that are making a powerful impact on the youth of America.
Please contact our office to find out more information on how your company can help sponsor either a event or our weekly programs at our head quarter facility in Weatherford, TX. Thank you .

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