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Western Harvest Ministries and it outreach Conquering the Beast have been blessed with many opportunities to minister into the lives of today’s lost and hurting youth. We believe that we must be instruments, used by God, sharing His unconditional love. At some point, every person, young or old, needs to be encouraged or spurred on. Using my success in the extreme sport of professional bull riding as a tool, young people are being drawn to a place where they can hear a Christ-centered, life changing message:

Developing Character
Daring To Dream
Renewing the Mind
Self Esteem
Conquering Fear
Family Values

Our desire is to introduce them to a powerful World of God, to equip them with the wisdom and knowledge to lead a healthy and prosperous life. Being obedient to the Lord and His calling on our lives, we will stop at nothing to see this transformation take hold.

An example of this would be to consider the doors He has opened for us to share His message, including school assemblies, youth crusades, Churches D.A.R.E. programs, rodeo associations and corporate function.

The response has been overwhelming and confirms the vision/mission statement. We must spur on today’s youth to build their lives on a foundation based on who they are in Christ in an effort to fulfill their destiny.

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CONQUERING THE BEAST – Bull riding produces a striking visual analogy of the spiritual struggle that rages in the soul of every person, who by nature has a strong tendency to make wrong choices. The Bull Rider depicts a spiritual victory of ‘conquering the beast’ in the rodeo arena, prevailing over the ferocious animal that is bucking and contorting beneath him.

Conquering The Beast is an official outreach of Western Harvest Ministries. This mission includes events featuring professional bull riding, Christian concerts and inspirational speakers with emphasis of issues relevant to today’s youth. It’s exciting and challenging for both the participants and spectators.

Our purpose is to equip the champions of tomorrow with God’s word today, thus enabling them to make Godly choices when faced with decisions in the future.

To this end, we have been blessed with a complete rough stock and roping arena that can be used on our land in Weatherford, Texas for training camps and Bible schools. It can also be transported for CTB events in other locations.

These events are not just bull ridings. Instead, they are an outreach opportunity toward people in need – no matter where they are in life. Conquering The Beast is a unique approach to recognizing the issues in life that we all face and showing that there is a better way when we learn the importance of disciplining our life in accordance to God’s Word.

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